Disrupting Digital Arabia

N2V (National Net Ventures) is one of the largest Internet holding groups in Arabia, focused on value creation through building and investing in consumer web and mobile ventures. Our current portfolio is holding major interests in several of the region's largest Internet companies, with focus on Ecommerce, Online Advertising, and Online Payments.

  • netadv

    Net Advantage

    Net Advantage is the first specialized internet media house in the Arab world – aiming at enabling e-marketing in the region by serving as an active hub between advertising agencies, advertisers, and a network of diversified electronic portals

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  • startappz


    StartAppz As investment arm of N2V, Startappz was launched in 2011 as mobile startup accelerator and have been steadily working to build our company into a regional player. After learning more about the technology and the market, we pivoted to to building mobile and social applications.
    We are the mobile application design and development Lab of Arabia. Our team delivers unique UI/UX, strategically engineered to take advantage of Windows Phone, iOS and Android platforms.

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  • onecard


    OneCard is largest online payment solution that serves internet users and merchants in the Gulf Countries (GCC) and the rest of the Arab World. Capitalizing on the low-penetration of credit cards and alternative payment methods in the region, OneCard became the largest revenue stream to online game publishers in Arabia, and a major revenue stream to 100+ other online merchants.

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  • snseo


    SNSEO is a company that focuses on social networking services and search engine optimization (SEO). It provides innovative solutions and creative social media strategies for publishers and advertising agencies.

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  • n2vlabs


    N2VLabs is the digital power house by N2V. N2VLabs builds and delivers great web ventures by bringing together; addictive user experience (design), scalable distribution (social engagement and marketing), world-class technology architecture, key partnerships and operational capacity to successfully run and grow those ventures.

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  • hawaWorld


    Hawaaworld network, is the first portal in the region specialized in serving the Arab women. It was founded in 1998

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  • majalate


    Mjalati is an Arabic digital publisher company specializing in the development of Arabic content on the web.

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  • aqarMap


    Aqarmap is an online Real Estate marketplace specialized in buying, selling, and renting properties in the Middle East.

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  • qayem


    Qayem is a review site of restaurants around the world and mainly Arab ones in the Arab region..

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  • yabab


    Yebab is the region biggest online wedding directory. it covers every aspect of wedding preparation.

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  • ecommerceSea


    EcommerceSEA is a Saudi focused e-commerce site that is capitalizing on the huge, multi-billion dollar potential in e-commerce in the region.

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  • truegaming

    True Gaming

    True Gaming is the No.1 destination for video gamers and fans of interactive entertainment in the Middle East.

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  • iaraby


    iAraby is a mobile app development company focusing on developing Arabic iOS and Android apps that cater to the region's needs in quality and entertainment apps.

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  • gameTako


    GameTako is an Arabic game publishing company dedicated to help create and publish of web based Arabic games.

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  • electrony


    Electrony a Saudi based startup, It aims to establish the first comprehensive consumer electronics guide in the region.

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  • gamexp


    GamesXP is a games-publishing company, its objective is to localize games in the MENA region and support studios until they go viral.

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