Building augmented reality applications workshop

In effort to stay up to date with the latest techniques and mobile application technologies, in addition to Jordan’s progress and distinctive capabilities on a technological level across the Arab region, Startappz, which is one of the leading companies in the field of investment and the launch of mobile application that is based in Jordan, in collaboration with Qualcomm, the leading company in building the new generation of mobile applications, held a specialized workshop in Augmented reality technology and its use towards building mobile applications.

The workshop presented a practical explanation on how to use the augmented reality technology using Vuforia, a technology developed by experts at Qualcomm to make the development of augmented reality applications easier.

The Regional Director at Qualcomm, Mr. Ahmad AlAhmad said: “The workshop provided an explanation on how to build distinct mobile applications with the ability to capture interactive content onto the screen using the mobile camera allowing programmers to develop applications in many areas including marketing and advertising.

And the following video highlights the main points covered in the workshop while capturing responses from participants and their ability to build applications using augmented reality technology.

The workshop was targeting mobile application developers in Jordan, Specifically Android application developers in which Startappz has promised to hold other workshops and activities that compliment the Augmented Reality  workshop. Visit to get the latest updates on future activities.

It is worth mentioning that this workshop  was held at the Gaming Lab, a project developed under the instructions of his Majesty King Abdullah II, and this workshop comes with a series of activities carried out by Startappz aiming to enhance the creativity of  Arab mobile application developers  and the ability to target the market with economically successful applications.