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N2V is not a conventional company. We take pride in thinking differently about how we do business, questioning conventional wisdom, accepted beliefs, and disrupting the status quo. In fact, our motto is "disrupting digital Arabia"
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We appreciate the importance of having top caliber team in our company. Consequently, we invest in creating the most fun and productive work environment in order to attract and retain top talents from all over the region.

N2V offers a ton of benefits to make employees life enjoyable and rewarding.
  • Flexible working hours
    We truly believe that results are what matter most. our flexible work environment allows employees to operate comfortably with an increased feeling of personal control over tasks and projects. This also allow our employees to feel ownership of their work, remain freshest and enjoy working.
  • Entrepreneurial culture
    Not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. But everyone does want to be in a fast paced environment that promotes creative thinking, allows for flexible working hours, encourages risk-taking, supports experimenting ideas, ... It helps create an environment where employees are proud to be working with bright people.
  • Fun work environment
    While our offices are not identical, they tend to share similar fun and relaxed environment, colorful and creatively branded offices, consisting mostly of young talented individuals.
  • Healthcare
    To make your life easier, N2V offers premium regional insurance plans which include medical, dental, vision, life insurance and disability coverage.
  • Library
    N2V Library is a collection of best selling company owned printed, digital and audio books in different categories, spanning from business, entrepreneurship, investment, and technology, freely accessible to any employee to use.
  • Personal development
    Our employees are our biggest asset, and we ensure that we are constantly favoring an environment of knowledge sharing focused on continuously developing individuals, whether from attending trainings, internal wiki that captures best practices, offsite meetings, library and more.
  • Free snacks
    N2V organizes weekly breakfasts across our offices, and offers a variety of free healthy snacks to complement energy breaks during working hours.
  • ESOP
    We at N2V understand that attracting the best talent and keeping employees motivated is not a just question of paying competitive salaries. We know employees work hardest and feel the most fulfilled when they feel that they own part of the company that they work for. Consequently, N2V is currently developing an innovative Employee Stock Ownership Plan ("ESOP") to reward loyal and highly productive employees.