GamesXP has published its first game in MENA

GamesXP is a company that provides the MENA region with fun and outstanding games of all genres. The company aims to localize, manage, market and publish the top games in the world.

In partnership with the biggest games company in Europe; BigPoint. GamesXP has recently published its first title in MENA,; an online action game which takes you to the world of pirates adventures and their wicked seas by challenging you into fighting your way through PvP and PvE battles against monsters and real players. The game has three regions and twelve exciting maps with over 100 quests, customizable equipment for the ships and characters. simply delivers action-packed gaming fun.

The games industry is constantly evolving, and that is why GamesXP is eager to take challenges and bring the best to the region. So stay tuned for a huge surprise; our next big project in partnership with BigPoint!

BigPoint is a German video game developer, and their game portal has a community of more than 300 million players. The company develops stand-alone browser-based games as well as social networking games BigPoint is dedicated to delivering the best online gaming experience to the community and GamesXP is glad for this partnership.