GamesXP to publish a new game: Bashiq

GamesXP is a company that provides the MENA region with entertainment by bringing outstanding games of all genres to a diverse gaming demographic.

In partnership with one of the leading online game developers worldwide, Bigpoint, GamesXP has recently signed an agreement to publish Drakensang Online in the MENA region under the name; A localized version of Drakensang Online the famous Action RPG game which takes players to a world of fantasy where they can fight against mythological beasts and creatures. The browser-based Drakensang stands out with its immaculate design, varied quests and battles against enemies such as dragons.

Bigpoint, Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany,  entertains a global community of more than 300 million players with their portfolio. The company develops high-quality browser-based games for all gamer segments from casual to core .

Bigpoint is dedicated to deliver the best online gaming experience to the community and GamesXP is delighted to have this partnership.