Hawaa World Cooking Magazine: Taking Interactive Content to The Next Level

Hawaa World cooking magazine is one of the most active products from the Hawaa world forum, after conducting an extensive study on United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabian markets on the topic of smartphones and tablets’ users, it has showcased that they use their devices to search for cooking recipes and cooking videos frequently. Hawaa world collaborated with Startappz to convert the printed cooking magazine after the 6th edition to a digital magazine for mobile applications, tablets, and social media channels starting from its 7th edition that will be issued in Ramadan. Startappz – an investment arm of N2V – focuses on mobile startups and technologies by providing seed funding, resident mentors, streamlined process, business development opportunities and all what it takes to launch seasoned products on mobiles for the MENA region as well as the whole world.

Hawaa World forum serves and targets women in all age ranges in the middle east, the forum grabs the attention of more than 18 million unique visitors monthly. It is considered the #1 forum for most of Saudi women, it is also a destination for the classy, stylish, and elegant ladies. Who are looking for resources which feed their interests in various subjects, such as: fashion trends, cosmetics, cooking recipes, décor, and furniture. The forum was established in 1998 and it is considered the first of it’s kind in the region.

According to the latest statistics; what differentiates Hawaa world Cooking Magazine from other online magazines that: Users can read their favorite magazine online or offline in full-colors and  HD quality. It also provides the option of bookmarking, sharing content on social networks, offering interactive recipes, dynamic videos, informative tips, and tricks, and fascinating dishes from all over the world. As well as being supported on iOS, and Desktops computers.

Mr.Mohammad Khawaja - CEO of Startappz - said: “Digital publishing in the form of Hawaa World have created a user experience special for it’s ability to converge the everyday simplicity of reading on print, and the interactivity of web technologies, resulting in the best way possible for users to consume magazines”.

The magazine will be promoted via multiple social media channels and search engines; like Facebook, Twitter, Google. Also, many brands will be featured on the cover with the related recipe, to ensure maximum visibility of interactive-local recipes.

Mrs.Elham Bakhor - Chief Editor in Hawaa world - said: “Hawaa world Cooking Magazine application is a complementary step, towards the satisfaction of the increased demand on the most recent and updated content about the art of cooking, taking into consideration that users search and read using the cutting-edge technologies, i.e. tablets and smartphones”. The magazine has an advanced integrated menu that satisfies all families’ demands, which helps mothers to prepare meals along with the house’s budget. It is also categorized to have the look and feel of a real menu, which serves several kinds of popular dishes from all over the world and the unique, special dishes from Hawaa world chefs. There is also a section for advice about food benefits, which includes experiences at the kitchen from the forum users themselves, in order to make cooking more easier and preferable with the Hawaa world Cooking Magazine.

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