N2V announces the launch of wusu.me

We are happy to announce the launch of WhatsUpStartups.com ( short url wusu.me), a single destination that lists in a clear and simple way all upcoming technology related events Arabia.

wusu.me allows users to easily and quickly view events they are interested in attending, list rich details about events such as location, dates and timings, a small description of each event, and whether there is any time conflict with another event.

Nagi Salloum the head of N2V marketing commented saying: “We have built wusu.me because we understand the value of events for entrepreneurs and people interested in technology, the importance of networking in such events, and the benefit of knowledge exchange for companies and startups.”

Mr. Salloum continued by saying: “We will release many other features and products under wusu, all focused on supporting entrepreneurs and startups, helping them market their products more efficiently, while educating them about latest technology and web related topics”.