N2V Invests in Arabic E-commerce Platform Ecommerce SEA

On the 21st of May 2012,  N2V invested in Ecommerce SEA as an incentive to play a role in the development of e-commerce in the Arabic web. Making the online buying experience a more fulfilling one for the Arabic consumer.

Ecommerce SEA is a company specialized in building and starting projects in the e-commerce space all over middle east. The company focuses on building online brands in the form of eShops and target different market segments. In addition, in the near future Ecommerce SEA is determined to contribute to the e-commerce eco-system by providing the end-users and business owners with e-commerce services.


Mazen AlDarrab

“We offer services to revive the e-commerce in the region, and focus to be sustainable and provide added value to the end customer, whether a store owner or a regular shopper.” Says E-commerce Sea CEO Mazen AlDarrab.

Ecommerce SEA was founded by Mazen Aldarrab a young entrepreneur enthusiastic about growing electronic commerce in Arabia, and he sees the opportunity in creating missionary electronic commerce at the level of buyer and seller, and creating successful models and experiences that are unique in the field of e-commerce.



Rashid AlBallaa

Announcing this investment, Rashid AlBallaa, N2V's CEO said that the investment in Ecommerce SEAis in-lined  with N2Vs entrepreneurial spirit that encourages youth to pursue their goals to starting their own projects. we also invested  To cover the accelerated demand for E-Commerce services in Arabia. Due to a huge gap in E-Commerce services in Arabia, compared to other regions, this sector is becoming an attractive pie for investors in the region.

Mazen AlDarrab, Ecommerce SEA's CEO, commented about this announcement saying: “We are glad that N2V chose to invest in this project, Ecommerce SEA has many plans and ambitions. And it is looking forward to achieve them with the support of N2V”.