N2V Invests in GamesXP Arabia’s Newest Game-Publishing House

GamesXP, Arabia's newest game-publishing house secured an investment from National Net Ventures (N2V), one of the largest internet holding companies in Arabia and will lead N2V's efforts in capturing the huge opportunities for online entertainment and fulfill the need for high-quality games in the Arab countries.

As subsidiary of N2V, GamesXP is providing a platform to localize, publish, market and provide all the services needed to bring high quality international games to the MENA region. GamesXP is excited about the year over year growth of the games’ business in Arabia and has assembled a team of the best experts in the market to lead the games publishing business in Arabia.

“ Reports show that the Middle East has one of the fastest growing communities of online gamers in the world due to Internet usage growth in the region, which is among the most rapid growing communities in the world. GamesXP will utilize N2V’s infrastructure and network to launch all games’ genres in the MENA region. We are into games business... We happen to create fun! "; says Iyad Ahmad, CEO of GamesXP.

“ The Middle East's young population is hungry for online entertainment and we see an opportunity to fill a gap that exists in Arabia's games industry. With GamesXP we can curate, customize, and offer high quality games that respect our values and culture. Furthermore, by building a professional platform to arabize, customize, and market games. And the management experience, we are confident inshallah that GamesXP will capture a big market share from the wider Arabic games industry ”; says Rashid AlBallaa, CEO of N2V.

More about N2V :  N2V is one of the largest Internet holding groups in Arabia, focused on value creation through building and investing in Arabic consumer web & mobile ventures (e-commerce, Arabic content, social media, games, mobile apps), with over 200 employees spread in offices around different Arab countries (Saudi, UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Bahrain) and the USA.

More about Iyad: Iyad managed Yahoo! Maktoob games' business for four years where he had successfully published more than 18 MMO titles targeting the MENA region.
Before that that he led teams to build products for smartphones manufacturers, such as HTC, Samsung, HP, and Lenovo.
Iyad is a gamer! He is one of the most passionate persons about what he does AKA “GAMES”.