N2V participates in the NYUAD Hackathon in Abu Dhabi

N2V participated in the international NYUAD Hackathon that started on Thursday the 28th of October, and ended on Sunday the 30th of October at the New York University Abu Dhabi downtown campus, to help promoting collaboration and innovation in computer science, entrepreneurship, and the development of solution-based tech.
for social good. The N2V team consisted of Nagi Salloum, the head of marketing, Khaled Al Habache and Monther AbuSheikh, senior software engineers in N2V Marketing who participated as mentors for all participants at the event.Nagi also participated in a Q&A panel that tackled many topics such as: entrepreneurship and startups in the Arab World, Innovation In Computer Science, and Best software practices. The panel was held on Friday the 28th of October. Nagi gave a presentation about N2V and about entrepreneurship in the region.

The event concluded on Sunday the 30th of October, with all participants demoing the products they built over the weekend, in front of a judging committee that consisted, others, Nagi Salloum, Wamda, Microsoft, Seedcamp, Linkedin, and many others judges from all around the world.

The idea that won the admiration of the judges, at the end of the event, was the idea of ​​using Kienct  for the physical treatment for children. The project  was under the supervision of Monther AbuSheikh, senior software engineer at N2V. The idea was to make the physical treatment process more fun and engaging for children, especially those who are afraid of going to the doctor. The children can do their physical exercises at home in front of Kienct connected to the home entertainment XBox, and through this application the child’s physician will receive a comprehensive report on the status and progress of the child.

As part of the N2V objective, to cradle youthful ideas backed by hard work and determination. N2V offered the team with the winning project internships. Hoping to improve and shape their talents in an open and encouraging environment.