N2V releases Visual Answers Free Facebook App.

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Facebook application “Visual Answers”, released on Monday, 17th of October, 2011.

Nagi Salloum, N2V Head of Marketing commented saying: “This viral Facebook native looking application is a great way to collect useful insights from users by displaying answers in the form of pictures, allowing a much richer and intuitive user experience, that gives a chance for users to scan through the answers without forcing them to read a boring long string of text.”

Abdullah Wreikat the N2V Digital Marketing Manager added: “Visual Answers is a way to create questions and have the answers posted by people displayed in visual items (photos) rather than words. It is hard sometimes to relate to an idea or a point with text only so we wanted to make the answers more visual in a simple way, and as they say, a picture says a thousand words”

Anyone can create a “visual answer” question for free on their page, simply by adding the application to your page. Then click on the "Visual Answers" tab and start adding questions. Enter your question and upload an image that represents each answer.