Nagi Salloum a Judge for the Tech World Web Competition

For the 4th year in a row, the Tech World website holds its Annual competition for the best Arab web projects of year 2011. The contest contributes in encouraging the Arab developers and entrepreneurs to create more that is helpful to the Arab users.

We at N2V have the privilege to participate in this competition. Nagi Salloum the Head of marketing will be representing us there, as a member of the jury, judging the best ideas for websites nominated in the contest. In addition, Mr. Mashhur Aldebyan will be evaluating the website's usability, Mr. Mohamad Fares will evaluate the profitability. And finally Mr. Mohamed Bin-Hammady will assess the quality of design.


                                                                 Nagi Salloum                                                               


 Nagi Salloum has a long history in the establishment of Web projects, developing more than 20 projects. Nagi currently heads the marketing department at N2V. Prior to that, he worked in both Google and Procter & Gamble, in Arabia. Nagi holds a Bachelor in Electronics Engineering from the American University of Beirut - Lebanon.