New from Fatooosh TV

Fatooosh TV successfully developed a set of features and additions that aims to help Fatoosh TV users to connect more with their Fatooosh TV use.

The first new addition is the ability to connect with friends, now Fatoosh TV users can follow friends by connecting with them through Facebook. Users can also connect directly through Fatooosh TV and see their friends’ favorite videos and channels.

The second new addition is the ability to sort shows and channels by region, as the Fatooosh TV app on Android and iOS will show shows and series corresponding to the users’ country. Users will be able to find shows and programs that interest them easily and quickly.

New 2013 Shows are the third addition, as the Fatooosh TV team has added a special selection of shows and programs from religious programs, to comedy, and social shows and more, In response to user demand and to further solidify Fatooosh TV's library of new and compelling content.

Also recently Fatooosh TV developed a special Android and iOS app for Lumnik producers of highly popular shows like Masameer and Sanbar,  to present their selection of comedy and entertainment shows for users, look forward to the applications release soon onto global application stores.