Zoomaal : a crowdfunding platform for Arabia

Zoomaal brings crowdfunding revolution to Arabia. Crowdfunding has taken the world by storm, giving people a new way of choosing which products they want to see developed. Its also a new way to fund projects from thousands of people who simply want to see ideas come to life.

Worldwide crowdfunding is collecting over 250 million US dollars per year. It brought to the world projects like Pebble Watch, UAE's Infenitec, and over 10% of Sundance movies this year were produced through Crowdfunding. We will also see the future of videogames through crowdfunding in the form of the virtual reality device “Oculus Rift” and the budget open game console “OUYA”. Here is a chance for Arabs to choose and shape the future too

Zoomaal crowdfunding platform allows inventors and creatives of Arabia to showcase their projects and raise funds from individuals. Users on the site can pledge as little as $5 each. With many people wanting a project and pledging, the money to get the project up and running won't be a problem.

Zoomaal will focus mainly on Arabia and will offer a donation-based model where projects will have to offer gifts to their donors, not to be confused with crowdsourced equity investment. Zoomaal focuses on projects, rather than startups looking for funding. As there are many students and entrepreneurs that do not necessarily have business and entrepreneurial skills that attract investors and sponsors, but rather a great idea or project that many need and are willing to support. To view Zoomaal's website, visit the link: www.zoomaal.com

“Zoomaal is not a clone of Kickstarter or Indiegogo, but rather a platform that aims to support and grow the creative culture in the Middle East.  Zoomaal connects the creative Arab youth with supporters around the world, in Arabia and expatriates in the US, UK, and Canada”, Abdallah Absi says, CEO of Zoomaal.

"We are excited to be working together with other investors in the region and founder Abdullah Absi to bring crowdfunding to Arabia. Our region has a long history of nurturing inventions and discoveries. Zoomaal is not just about funding projects, but it is a platform that will allow people all over to support inventions and discoveries - giving them a practical way to grow this culture of innovation.", Rashid AlBallaa says, CEO of N2V.

More about N2V:
is one of the largest Internet holding groups in Arabia, focused on value creation through building and investing in Arabic consumer web & mobile ventures (e-commerce, Arabic content, social media, games, mobile apps), with over 200 employees spread in offices around different Arab countries (Saudi, UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Bahrain) and the USA.

More about Abdallah Absi:
Abdallah Absi is a young serial and social entrepreneur that aims at raising new generations of Arab entrepreneurs. He is the CEO of Zoomaal and the President of the Entrepreneurship Club NGO in Lebanon. Abdallah has won various awards in entrepreneurship and computer science.  You can add him on LinkedIn: http://lb.linkedin.com/in/abdabsi